postcard front micro allHow to run a microbakery in your own house. The book is both an entertaining history and description of how my microbakery, Bethesdabakers, was set up and run between 2007-2012 and a guide to starting your own home-based business.

After the Introduction, the book has five more chapters:

  • Progress, a history of how I arrived at the decision to bake for profit from home
  • Microbakery, an account of how the bakery operated, the equipment that had to be bought, the spreadsheet systems I developed to organise the work
  • The Actuality. Can you hack it? – a two day bake in action
  • Customers & Communities,  the realities of working with customers and unforeseen satisfactions
  •  Final Thoughts, issues you need to consider before starting your own microbakery together with some useful addresses.
Microbakin’: Baking Bread For Sale at Home – Author & Photography: Mick Hartley
ISBN 978-0-9570134-1-4
Soft cover – A4 – 61 Pages

Private customers: £14.00 + p&p – £1.95 UK, £5.15 Europe, £7.45 World Zone 1 (other than Australasia), £7.90 World Zone 2 (Australasia)

pdf version: £10.00

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